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Jeep Cherokee owners have reported 23 problems related to transfer case under the power train category. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Jeep Cherokee based on all problems reported for the Cherokee. The svc light came on. Come to find out this is very common. See all problems of the Jeep Cherokee. Pulling away from a stop sign a loud bang was heard and all forward propulsion was gone. I was able to drift to a safe location but the car would not hold in park it was later found that the splines in the ptu had striped and the transfer case would need replacing.

Grinding sound in 4WD

Chrysler knew this could happen and issued a recall that included telling the computer to engage the 4 wheel drive low to engage for forward movement and to engage the parking brake to hold the car when stopped. This is a band-aid. They refuse to repair what they themselves discovered was a design flaw. Odi I was driving my car on the city street going to the grocery store and it was making a weird noise.

Then every time I came out of braking it would seize up, jerk and make a grinding noise. I took it to a tire plus shop because I thought it might be the brakes.

What Does a Bad Wheel Bearing Sound Like?

The mechanic put the car on a rack and should me that the transfer case was cracked and leaking fluid. He said that if I drove any further I would have been stranded. Vehicle has been a constant headache. Purchased Aug 21, December something broke, ended up being a transfer case shattered.

Damaging our radiator. A week after picking up I still felt the vehicle was off and tried to return to dealer, they didn't have another trailhawk and said they would call me when they did. A few months gone by of hearing nothing. We did a tire rotation and noticed a huge difference in wear.

Obviously the front end hasnt been right for months as ai originally complained about. Scheduled the vehicle in for service again to find it needs a wheel bearing replacement. Received the vehicle back and the notice the passenger rear is still making a lot of noise, enough you can hear over the radio, and the steering feels tight and pulls to the left. Beginning about two month ago, I have been going back to the dealer for drive train related issues.

The initial issue was a failed rear hub at around 25, miles which was found during an oil change.

1998 jeep grand cherokee grinding noise

The car was returned to me without all repairs being completed due to lack of parts and "warranty not authorizing additional days of rental" the car then began to give failed parking brake service codes and check air bag system codes which supposedly are related now to a failed on board control module.

When the most recent codes today were given the car would not shift into gear initially. I took my Jeep in to autonation Jeep in littleton colorado where I bought it; after about a year of fighting with the service manager "justine", and service advisor keith!!

I can feel that it doesn't! I got stuck in the snow on the freeway, and was in the middle of the street I had to dig out, and sliding around!Discussion in ' Cherokee ' started by CobrajetkenFeb 26, Log in or Sign up. Welcome to Jeeps. You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Universal Joint (U-Joint)

Post Reply. I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Lorado. While I keep it in mint condition visually it has overmiles k. It but runs and looks great. I love it!! I've had to do a lot of mechanical work to keep it up. Engine rebuild, rear axle bearings and seals, rear diff. Rebuild etc. There was a lot of play in the front drive shaft so I replaced the front universal joint.

It was still making the noise so I replaced the CV shaft. Still making the sound. While I had it apart I noticed the hub bearing was a little loose but didn't make any noise when i spun it so I didn't replace it.

The car runs quiet and smooth in 2 wheel drive but when I shift into 4 wheel drive it sounds like I'm dragging steel garbage cans behind me!!! Any thoughs on what my problem us Would be greatly appreciated. CobrajetkenFeb 26, Bad T case. Had same problem. Bob likes this. I was afraid it was the transfer case but that's where the noise seems to be come ngmfrom.

Is swapping out the transfer case with a good used one hard? It doesn't like too bad of a job?? Any suggestions? It's a fairly easy job, as long as your tranny mount and cross member come off easily. Easier to drop t case and tranny down some to access top bolts and harness. Rebuild kits and chains are cheap enough at Summit and there are some great videos of how to rebuild it on youtube. The only specialty tool you will need will be a snap ring pliers.

An impact will make it easier to remove the output shaft nuts. Thanks for all the responses! You guys are great! I figure I'll buy that and swap them out and then maybe take a shot at rebuilding the old as a back up. Does that sound reasonable? Thanks again for the help!!It looks like you're new here.

1998 jeep grand cherokee grinding noise

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I have a grand cherokee laredo that developed a loud noise in the rear axle area. The faster you go the louder it gets. When putting the 4x4 selector in "part-time", the noise all but stops.

Has anyone experienced this or have a solution to this problem. Thank you. February This is just my guess, but I think your spider gear in the rear axle is going bad. One question for ya Did you get a flat with mud tires on, and if so did you use the spare tire, if so was that spare tire designed for street use? March Here is my experience: I have been driving my Grand Cherokee for about 14 months with increasing road noise.Paul answered 8 years ago.

ChrisandDonna answered 8 years ago.

Front end noise

I hope its not somthing to do with a differential barring or somthing. How can you tell. Mike answered 8 years ago. I have had wheel bearing with no play roar really loud.

It will get louder turning one way and quieter turning the other way. If it does not change you may have to raise the vehicle securely and run the vehicle in 4 wheel drive to try to pinpoint the noise. Good luck! Seth answered 8 years ago. Make sure they have been changed regularly. Is the noise present in 2WD if you have selectrac. Daniel answered 6 years ago.

I am Having the same thing going on with my jeep grand if i put it in part time it stops. Veal answered 5 years ago. I also have a JGCL that started doing this same thing about miles after getting the front dif fluid changed. They assured me that they put the friction additive in but when I challenged them on it they agreed to "put more in" for free.

At first they tried to blame the noise it on the transfer case but I'm too stuborn for that because I know the noise was traveling down the front driveshaft which made it sound like the TC. After doing 2 figure eights in their parking lot the noise went away. If you didn't change the front dif fluid lately then you probably have a leaking axle seal and low or no front dif fluid. I have a jeep grand cheorkee first 4wd I have ever had it has a chinging noise in front end.

I thought it was driver side cv joint.There is a clicking noise in front left wheel but only at very slow speeds and only after vehicle has been driven for several miles.

Sometimes it feels like driveline is thumping also, but again only at slow speeds and only after vehicle is driven some. When you speed up noise quits and vehicle operates normally. Do you. Have you checked the CV joints for play Does the sound get worse when you turn the steering wheel?

Was this answer. Can someone tell me the symptoms of a diff going out or is already bad. Like I said its a real loud humming noise that's gets louder as I pickup speed. How long can I drive on it? And, what will happen when it goes out completely, and will it mess up the transmission? Have you considered, or ruled out a bad wheel bearing? If it's a wheel bearing, that'd be less of an expense and ordeal than the differential.

I've replaced a few myself on my Blazer tho so I'm inclined to think that way.

1998 jeep grand cherokee grinding noise

Recent noise started in front end. Sounds like a wheel spinning. No grinding or vibrations. Shifts normal as it always has.

Do not notice any issues operating vehicle. Front axle was removed a couple of years ago due to damaged gears. New brake pads 2 months ago. Noise increases as speed increases. Drop into Neutral at 60, noise continues. Checked front drive shaft, not turning. Someone mentioned harmonic balancer, but expect vibration with that and I very little if any at all.U-joints, which are found in pairs on the driveshaft, compensate for the height misalignment between the transmission and the rear axle, all the while transferring power to move the vehicle.

This allows each end of the driveshaft, and its associated universal joint, to bend with each rotation of the driveshaft in order to handle the misalignment as a side note, rear-wheel drive cars now mostly utilize constant-velocity joints for the same purpose, which permit far smoother flexibility of drive shaft rotation.

Here are some symptoms of a bad or failing universal joint you may notice, in approximate order of severity:. The bearing components of each universal joint are greased at the factory, but may not have a grease fitting to allow further lubrication after the vehicle is put into use, limiting their service life. Since the bearing portion of each universal joint twists a small amount with each rotation of the driveshaft but always in the same location the grease can evaporate, or be thrown out of the bearing cup.

The bearing becomes dry, metal-to-metal contact is made, and the u-joint bearings will squeak as the drive shaft rotates. The squeak usually cannot be heard once the vehicle moves faster than mph because of other vehicle noise. The squeak is a warning that the universal joint should be serviced by a professional mechanic.

You can certainly extend the life of your existing u-joints by doing so. This noise usually indicates that the universal joint bearings have enough excess clearance to allow the driveshaft to rotate slightly, then come to a hard stop, when power is reversed. This can be the next stage of deterioration after having insufficient grease in the u-joint bearings.

This vibration means that the universal joint bearings have now worn enough to allow the driveshaft to move outside its normal rotational path, causing imbalance and vibration. This will be a higher frequency vibration than that of an out-of-balance wheel for example, since the driveshaft turns times faster than the wheels.

The worn universal joint is now causing damage to other components of the vehicle — including the transmission. Replacement of the universal joint by a professional mechanic is certainly in order at this point to prevent further damage. Your mechanic should, when possible, select quality replacement u-joints with a grease fitting, allowing for long-term preventative maintenance, and enabling extended life of the u-joint bearings.

Transmission fluid leaking from the rear of the transmission is often the result of a badly worn universal joint. The vibration noted above has now worn the transmission tailshaft bushing and damaged the transmission output shaft seal, which then leaks transmission fluid. If fluid is suspected of leaking from the transmission, the transmission should be inspected to determine the source of the leak, and the appropriate repair made.

You've probably seen it before: a truck on the side of the road, with the drive shaft lying under the vehicle, no longer attached to the transmission or rear axle. This is the ultimate failure mode for a universal joint — literally breaking, and allowing the drive shaft to drop to the pavement, no longer transferring power. Repair at this point will include much more than the universal joint, and may require full driveshaft replacement or more.

The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Vehicle Drivetrain Inspection. Our certified mobile mechanics perform over services, including diagnostics, brakes, oil changes, scheduled mileage maintenances, and will come to you with all necessary parts and tools. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. Vehicle Drivetrain Inspection Cost. Service Location.The noise is always there, but when in auto 4 wheel drive the noise is much much louder.

When turning there seems to be no difference in the sound. Eugen answered 8 years ago. Id have to say transfer case.

Wheel bearings would not change the sound they made wether the truck was in 2x4 or 4x4. Adam answered 8 years ago. Since you have a full time 4wd option, there should be a locking center differential. Transfer case and wheel bearings would probably make the same noise in part-time and full-time 4wd.

1998 jeep grand cherokee grinding noise

I would bet on the center differential. No master what it is, removing the front shaft would probably make the noise go away, but get it to a mechanic soon. Its doesnt seem as loud when in full time 4 wheel drive. When turning there seems to be no difference in the When shift into four-wheel drive will not engage also at the same time front passenger tire makes clunking noise when.

In the past two days my 99 cherokee developed a top end knock, it seems to get worse when the jeep warms up. Oil level is good, however does need changed. I have a different car.

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