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There is no minimum required. If KB Cores hires the carrier, the actual cost will be deducted from payment.

See KB Cores delivery appointment policy to help ensure we know ahead of time what is being delivered and when. We pay for scrap engines and transmissions at the scrap prices published each month. We ask that scrap and core are separate and marked as such. If you have a concern whether your engines or transmissions will meet our guidelines, we would be happy to look at them or at photos of them before you ship them. Skip to main content. Location :.

How ReconTorque converters are made

South Tec Dr. Kankakee, IL. All engines and transmission cores are subject to KB Cores inspection and demand. Prices and demand are subject to change at any time. Offering to sell 10 or more auto cores of the same Hollander Interchange or series requires pre-approval from KB Cores.

Our price list represents a general guide for pricing. Variations within engine and transmission families will be priced accordingly. Engines and transmission cores that are junk or not on the list will be bought at a reduced or scrap price. Engine Core Requirements Engine cores must be complete with: crankshaft, head scamshaft srods, and pistons There may be deductions for missing valve covers, front covers, and oil pans All core must be in rebuildable condition and spin degrees Transmission Core Requirements Transmission cores must have torque converter and all solenoids.

Current Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices

There may be deductions for missing oil pans, torque converters, and tail housings All cores must be in rebuildable condition and spin freely Auto Cores Shipping Requirements Please confirm the following before shipping: All parts must be properly drained of all fluids.

Place heaviest items on bottom. Please pack carefully. KB Cores is not responsible for items damaged in transit. Auto Scrap Guidelines We pay for scrap engines and transmissions at the scrap prices published each month.


Engines and transmissions should be drained of fluids before shipping. Starters, alternators, ac compressors are not required on engines, nor will we pay extra if they are. This is rarely an issue at an auto recycler; we see it more at scrap dealers, who are buying over their scale. If we cannot disassemble it, the engine is not good to us. If there is an excessive amount in the load, there will be a price reduction. Garbage Policy We pay for engines and transmissions, but not any garbage that may be included with the load.

Engines must be free of sub frames, but other normal items still attached to engines are acceptable such as hoses, belts, plastic intakes, etc… as long as they are still attached to the engine. If they are not attached, they are considered garbage. We understand a small amount of this material may be unavoidable, but excessive amounts, along with gravel, dirt, snow, and other substances will result in a deduction.

This charge affects a very small percentage of our customers each month, but it does happen. If it is garbage, send it to the dump, not to us. Thank you for reviewing our auto cores and scrap guidelines and requirements for KB Cores. We look forward to working with you!You are about to view content intended for professionals only. Please confirm your status as a professional before proceeding.

torque converter core buyers

Each core return varies in value, and in many instances the return process is as simple as applying the peel-away label to either the part itself fascias or the replacement box in which you send it back wheels and lighting assemblies. Covering select vehicles from model year and newer, the GM Collision Core Return Program process is quick and simple. For full core credit, GM Powertrain Core Returns should be returned in their original shipping containers. Engines returned without the engine block and main caps, cylinder heads and cam carrier caps, crankshaft, engine rods and rod caps, and camshaft s are considered incomplete.

Transmissions returned without the torque converter, valve body, and output shaft are considered incomplete. Transfer Cases returned without the encoder motor and case housing are considered incomplete. We strive to provide for you, so you can provide for your customers. Check out ACDelco's extensive tool options, so you can equip your team with resources to help you get the job done right.

torque converter core buyers

I am a professional technician, shop, GM Dealer, or supplier. GM Core Return Program. Protect part integrity and your customers when you recycle select collision and powertrain parts and components. Return these cores to your GM Dealer. Professional technicians only. For Professionals Access programs and promotions exclusively for professionals. More Parts Not finding what you're looking for? Access more than 90, parts at ACDelco.

Locate parts dealer Select your preferred dealer for part ordering and fulfillment.

torque converter core buyers

Check this box if you are a professional technician or repair shop, or a GM dealer or supplier. Send your results to an email address, or copy the link Email Link Send to:.These high-quality units are available for same- or next-day delivery to most shop locations throughout the United States. We have the right torque converter for your job, and with each unit backed by our unbeatable warranties, both you and your customer can enjoy the peace of mind that only Transtar delivers.

Our unmatched 5-step remanufacturing process combines the precision of computers with the experience of engineers to ensure consistently high quality is achieved. Learn More Here. Reference numbers can be many things. Codes on a torque converter can come in many forms.

Often, the code is not enough to ensure you get the correct replacement product as some codes are used on multiple torque converters. Make sure that when you talk to your Transtar sales rep, you give them both codes as well as the complete vehicle information to ensure you receive the correct product.

Transtar does not publish an industry part number interchange, but you can order a Transtar torque converter by using almost any competitors part number. Talk to your Transtar sales rep to make sure you are getting the correct part on your order. Often the torque converter is not the root cause. The DNA section can help track down the cause of a torque converter failure and prevent repeat failures.

Used and quality-inspected parts are sold as-is with no warranty.

GM Genuine Parts

Product should be thoroughly inspected prior to installation. Any manufacturer, third-party, extended warranties, or limited lifetime warranties, should be handled through the manufacturer. E-mail us at: corebuyers transtar1. Home Products Torque Converters. Specializing in reliable, yet affordable, sealed torque converters, CVC torque converters are among the most popular in the industry.

Their unique process combines the skillful experience of bench craftsman with the industrial engineering production line.

Racing fans will get a rush not just from the quality of the product, but also from the speed of delivery. FAQ How do I know what the torque converter reference number is?We rebuild our own Torque Converters with the quality, integrity and care as if they were going into our own transmissions.

torque converter core buyers

Other companies look at it as only the cost of the converter. We resolved many problems when we started building our own state-of-the-art Torque converters: Our machinists cut open all torque converters with great care to insure that the core remains intack.

We re-machine all bearing and clutch surfaces to restore parrellism and perpendicularity. New clutch liners are installed with pressurized heat that ensures good adhesion. Quality of welding is important. Too high heat during welding causes weld contamination. Also, too large of a weld spraying into converter or converter welded together with mis-registration the two halves of converter are out of positioncausing contamination inside. All our torque converters stack heights are individually set - not just 1 in 10 or 20 checked like some volume Torque converter rebuilders.

With over torque converters built ready to ship in stock and a hour turn around time on most custom build torque converters, your customers' vehicles will be back on the road running great in no time! All clutch surfaces are machined to exact tolerances and exact RA finishes.

Lock up torque converters need to have the clutch create a perfect seal. This is why we remachine all clutch surfaces. Copyright Dalenzie Torque Converters. All Rights Reserved. Site Design by Surf4 Design Group. Hosted by Surf4.Products and Availability Updated Daily. By focusing on industrial driveline components including remanufactured transmissions, remanufactured torque converters, and remanufactured engines, we help you extend the life of your material handling, construction, and agricultural equipment.

Our goal is to meet your expectations in a timely manner with products that live up to their reputation for "extending the life" of your equipment. We'll strive to anticipate your future needs by increasing our repertoire of products and their applications. We value successful, long-term partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and employees.

We will continuously improve our products, processes, and people in order to keep the hard-earned reputation as "the driveline experts". Joseph Industries serves the material handling, construction, and agricultural equipment markets. Within these markets, we serve the following customer types:.

We are a worldwide distributor of industrial aftermarket and original equipment parts for the lift truck and construction equipment industries.

Our focus is driveline replacement components including remanufactured enginesremanufactured transmissions and remanufactured torque converters. We also stock Parts for brakes, suspension, steering, engines and other applications. Our Extensive Product Database includes 65, part numbers for many brand applications in drive lines for lift trucks, light construction equipment specializing in backhoe loaders, rough terrain forklift trucks, and telehandlersand agricultural equipment.

Products consist of wear parts and components for internal combustion powered gasoline, diesel, and LP-Gas vehicles. Our Product Development Team is focused on continuous expansion of our product offerings with additional new models of remanufactured transmissions, remanufactured torque converters, remanufactured engines, complete overhaul kits, and other aftermarket replacement parts.

It's easy to do business with Joseph because of our business focus -- specifically, remanufactured drive line products with all the parts necessary to offer complete kits. Our quality image is enhanced by strategic partnerships with original equipment manufacturers. Our ability to manage complex core inventories, direct-ship parts to many OEM dealer organizations, and perform centralized billing is a unique package of services and products not offered by our competitors.

Most orders received daily are shipped that same day. Customer service representatives answer incoming calls from hundreds of customers daily -- taking orders, interpreting customer needs, recommending items and answering technical installation or trouble shooting questions. We are also unique in our national and international reach. Company History. The company's remanufacturing focus on industrial transmissions and industrial torque converters began in as Converter Corporation of America.

Over the years, the product line expanded to include engines, overhaul kits, and various drive line replacement parts for material handling and construction equipment. Two locations on Carnegie total 13, square feet. Headquarters are moved to a larger 15, square foot facility on Superior Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

JEBCO Automotive becomes Converter Corporation of America and begins to specialize in the remanufacture of industrial transmissions and torque converters.

Converter Corporation of America becomes Joseph Industries. It's name derived from Chapman's founding partner brothers. Joseph Industries continues their expansion into overhaul kits and other drive line components.

Joseph Industries becomes employee owned in a retirement buyout from the founder. Joseph Industries builds a new 40, square foot facility in Streetsboro, Ohio to allow for future expansion and continued growth. Today, Joseph Industries is the largest remanufacturer of industrial torque converters in North America and the remanufacturer of choice for several OEM accounts.

Joseph is committed to continuous expansion of remanufactured engines, remanufactured transmissions, remanufactured torque converters, and kit products as new models evolve. We buy cores for transmissions, engines, and torque converters. See our Cores Wanted page. Present Today, Joseph Industries is the largest remanufacturer of industrial torque converters in North America and the remanufacturer of choice for several OEM accounts. Phone Sales About Joseph Products Section Company History Section Mission By focusing on industrial driveline components including remanufactured transmissions, remanufactured torque converters, and remanufactured engines, we help you extend the life of your material handling, construction, and agricultural equipment.We offer a full selection of genuine Nissan Torque Converters, engineered specifically to restore factory performance.

Please narrow the Transmission Torque Converter results by selecting the vehicle. Replaced By: X0A. Replaced By: X0D. This part is a packaged part and contains multiple quantities of: Pack Qty: 4.

This part is a packaged part and contains multiple quantities of the same item. In an effort to simplify packaging Nissan will sometimes include multiple parts in a package. Select Model. Select Year. Select Submodel. Related Nissan Parts.

Torque converter is designed to make sure the correct amount of fluid to passed on to transmission and allows the engine keep working while your Nissan is not running. If something unusual happen, like shuddering and slipping, and then your torque converter may suffer failing now. However, it is not easy to tell if the torque converter is right, and there are too many potential reasons to blame if the malfunction happens.

Here are some symptoms indicating that your torque converter has problems: if you notice that the temperature gauge is overheating; if you notice that there are large amounts of black material in the fluid; if you notice your stall speed increase; if you hear some strange sounds, you have to buy a new torque converter to make your Nissan complete.

We offer you all Nissan OEM torque converter and we reduce price to make you have a better shopping experience. Part No. This part contains hazardous material. This part is a packaged part and contains multiple quantities of: Pack Qty: 4 This part is a packaged part and contains multiple quantities of the same item. Continue Shopping Checkout.We currently disassemble up to 10, transmissions per month, making us one of the largest operations of it's kind in the United States, servicing both Parts Distributor and Transmission Rebuilder markets internationally.

We buy automatic transmission cores along with late model manuals and torque converters. In addition, we buy aluminum motors, aluminum wheels, starters, alternators, radiators, and AC compressors. No amount to big or too small. JP Transmission Recycling is one of the biggest parts suppliers of good used transmission parts, cores, and torque converters in the United States.

Transmission Recycling has been in business since and is located in Hutchins, Texas, 10 miles south of Dallas Texas. Our plant is comprised of a 70, sq. We sell Used Hard Parts and Cores as well as buy a variety of metals.

For inquiries:. Any inquiries or comments, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you! Contact Us. Henry Brown - Sales Manager henryb jptransmission. Conor Padian - Purchasing Manager conor jptransmission. John Stewart - Sales Representative. Dustin Beck - Sales Representative dustin jptransmission.

Kim Strickland - Office Manager kim jptransmission. Public Announcement. Product Showcase. Cookie Use.

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